Welcome to your 30 day squat challenge with a loaded twist.  If you've ever done a squat challenge before, I promise you this one is different.

This squat challenge exists because the vast majority of squat challenges out there are missing one magic ingredient.  Weight!

When you add weight to your squat, you fast track your results.  And who doesn't want to get what they want faster?

The purpose of this 30 day squat challenge is to set you up for getting strong, building muscle and burning fat.  Yes, all in one move and all in 30 days!

Why this 30 day squat challenge is different

If you've ever seen a typical squat challenge, you will know that by day 30 you can find yourself doing over 200 squats!!


If your objective is to build strength, muscle and even the infamous 'tone', 200 squats is completely unnecessary and arguably, a waste of time. 

This is because few people will be able to maintain good form throughout that many squats and things start to get sloppy.

Sloppy sets will hinder your results at best and result in injury at worst.  Therefore you are encouraged to make sure you are squatting well with every single rep!

Here at Lipstick Lifters we are all about building strength, muscle and in turn changing your physique.  This is why we encourage you to load your squats with as much weight as you can safely manage. 

The main objective of this 30 day squat challenge is to help you prove to yourself just how physically strong you are.  And how much stronger you can be when you apply yourself.

The benefit of adding weight to your squat challenge

When you add weight to any exercise, you set yourself up for achieving maximum benefit with minimum movement.

This is because when you load an exercise, you concentrate the move forcing your body to work harder with each rep.  In turn, you burn more calories, build more muscle and become more resilient than you would rushing your way through 20+ unloaded squats. 

Squat well before you squat heavy

Before you go any further make sure you are squatting correctly.  Adding weight to poorly performed squats is a big no-no.

Generally speaking, you should maintain a solid foot position and good posture when you sit back into your squat.  You will activate your glutes first, followed by your quads and lastly your hamstrings.  

For more detailed descriptions, see some reading suggestions below:

Check out our exercises pages for the Barbell Back Squat.

For instructions on loading your squat, see: How To Use A Squat Rack.

Your 30 Day Squat Challenge

30 day squat challenge

This challenge has been built for beginners, however keep in mind that we are all different, so feel free to adjust this challenge to fit your own ability.

If the weight increments are too easy or hard for you, you can adjust them.  Just make sure you keep loading.  Even if it is only a couple of extra lbs/kg's!

How to add weight to your squat

This squat challenge has been built for squat rack use.  However, if you're not yet comfortable using the rack, you can start with a different loading method. 

Do keep in mind however that you will limit your strength potential if you don't adopt the squat rack method at some point.  

Note that other squat variations are useful for accessory work and will in turn help you to build your overall strength and power.  However, this is something to be considered later as part of your general workout routine and not necessarily as part of this squat challenge.

Squat rack

As alluded to above, the squat rack is far superior from the perspective of progression. 

Without a squat rack it would be impossible for lifters to move as much weight as they do.  So please, if you are comfortable, use it for the duration of this challenge.


If the squat rack feels too intimidating for you at this stage.  The barbell method is your next best thing.

Simply start with a fixed barbell at a weight you're comfortable with lifting over your head to get into position on your upper back. 

In time you will be able to squat more weight than you can physically lift over your head.  This will be your queue to move onto the rack. 

Dumbbells - Kettlebells - Weight Plates - Sandbag

The above weights are your step down from the barbell.  This is because generally speaking, the first two methods will allow you move more overall weight. 

Also note that for the most part, the weights here will be front loaded and most people can move more overall weight when it is loaded from behind.

Front squats are awesome for many reasons and most certainly have their place in your workouts.  However, remember that for this squat challenge we are focused on moving maximum weight. 

With that said, if you prefer, and want to try something different, you can work this challenge using a front loaded method.  This method will engage your muscles slightly differently and encourage more core stability.

A final note

This 30 day squat challenge is intended for individuals with some level of physical fitness ability. 

If you are unable to perform body weight squats with good technique, you should address that first.

Otherwise, happy squatting!

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