With more gyms around the world being forced to close their doors, many weightlifters will be left wondering what to do with their lives.

And while there seems to be an influx of ‘at home workouts’ making their way around the internet.  Any true weightlifter knows that without the heavy gym equipment, the workouts just won’t be the same.

For some, a home gym is their only option – others will be forced to take a break until this whole mess blows over.

To help get you through, here are 5 things you can do now that your gym is closed:

1. Get a home gym

This is by far the best option.  If you have the space and the funds to get your own equipment then do it.  The good news is, you’ll still be able to use our workout plans

If a home gym isn’t an option for you, see some other suggestions below…

2. Cardio & cut

This is a great opportunity to focus on getting in some extra cardio and focusing on your diet.  Sure it’s going to be tough while you’re on ‘lockdown’, but as far as I am aware – at the time of writing this post - there is nothing stopping you from going out for a walk. 

If you’re lucky enough to be close to some remote walking trails – pack a bag of essentials and go enjoy a walk with nature.  The more time you spend doing things, the less inclined you’ll be to eat unhealthy foods.

3. Learn something new

It doesn’t have to be lifting related, but if you want to check out our articles pages, there’s plenty of useful information that you can take the time to enjoy during this down time.

Alternatively, if there’s something else you’d like to turn your hand to – get online and learn about it. 

4. Work on your big dream

With many people facing redundancies at a moment’s notice, now is the perfect time to switch your focus back to the thing you always wanted to do. 

Take a course, start a business, make a plan.  Do something that will put you in the direction of your long term goals.

My big plan for 2020 fell to pieces in this mess – but I’m optimistic about what the future holds, in fact; I feel like this is an opportunity to come back bigger and better. 

If you’re in need of some positive encouragement, see:  March 2020 – The Perfect Storm

5. Write for us

If you’ve got a weightlifting story you’d like to tell, we would love to share it.

Submissions should be about you personally and include high resolution images.  The text should be between 250-500 words.

You can submit yours for consideration to: chloe@lipsticklifters.com

We don’t pay for submissions – but we will link to your social media and/or website if you have one.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll be sure to share other suggestions as and when I think of them.  If nothing else, I hope that I have inspired you to remain positive in this time of uncertainty.