I’m sure you know that you can’t repeat the same workout forever and expect to keep seeing changes.  If you've ever wondered why; here are 8 reasons you must change your workouts frequently.

1. Change your workout plan to avoid plateaus

This is the primary driving factor for most people.  The fact is; everybody hits a plateau at some point.  And one of the best ways to overcome this is to change your workouts frequently. 

To put it simply; when you repeat the same workouts your body gets used to it and as a result, stops feeling challenged.  And that’s when you stop seeing changes.

As a rule of thumb; we recommend you change your workout at least every 12 weeks for absolute beginners.  And every 4-6 weeks for more experienced lifters.

2. To keep ALL muscle groups active

When you repeatedly work the same muscle groups in the same way with the same exercises, it is highly likely you’ve neglected some. 

Over time, these neglected muscle groups will become weak and inactive.

The fastest way to recognise this is to introduce new exercises frequently.  Variety in your workouts will help you identify and address any weaknesses.

3. To avoid overuse injuries

Your muscles need time to recover, and when they’ve been trained hard for an extended period; they really do benefit from a break. 

If you don’t allow your muscles sufficient time to recover, you run the risk of acquiring an overuse injury.  This could see you sitting out more workouts than you’d like.

Also; look out for these signs you could be overtraining.

4. Change your workout plan to keep things interesting

If you want long term results - (who doesn’t)?  You need to play the long game. 

That means nobody is achieving a full body transformation in 6 weeks.  I don’t care what Instagram says.  You can't cheat the process, if you try to, you'll lose in the end. 

Hard work and patience however, will always pay off. 

Keep yourself interested and coming back for more by introducing a new workout routine.  Consider it a challenge and embrace it.

5. To build new muscles

Each new workout plan comes with an opportunity for you to build new muscles that were otherwise ignored in your previous plan.

That alone is a good reason to change your workouts frequently.

6. Change your workout plan to fit a new goal

As you progress, your goals and priorities will change.  And of course, each new goal needs a new plan.  One that is focused and fit for purpose.

7. To keep your mind active and engaged

No successful person is blindly following a workout routine.  They take a genuine interest in what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

Every time you start a new workout, do it with intention.  Take the time to consider the outcome you want and build a plan that will get you there. 

This may require you to do some research, but since you have to change your workout plan frequently anyway, it will pay off long term.

8. Finally; to avoid muscle imbalances

Sometimes when we repeat the same exercises we just get used to how we perform them. 

As a result, muscle imbalances can be difficult to identify.  Particularly if your current plan includes a lot of barbell work.

Working a range of dumbbell and cable exercises can help you to identify and address any imbalances.

Reasons you must change your workouts frequently concluded

In conclusion; you’ll do yourself an injustice if you overuse the same workouts. 

If you want to continue to see physical changes, your plan needs to change regularly to support that.

Photo by Derwin Edwards from Pexels