Our weightlifting routines for women are exclusively for heavy lifters.  They are targeted, unique, and readily available to anyone who wants to start using them right now.

To clear up any confusion; when we say ‘heavy lifting’, we mean ‘heavy for you’.  As a rule of thumb; you should start to struggle around the 8th rep of a 10 rep set. 

And when we say ‘struggle’, we mean; muscles feeling the burn/pulling funny faces struggle.

The above breakdown is just a guide for beginners, over time you’ll know what’s heavy for you and what’s not.

But ultimately, what I’m saying is; you won’t find any 5lb lifts around here.

Benefits of a heavy weightlifting routine

A good weightlifting routine is responsible for building physical strength and power, as well as altering your physique.  Besides the physical outcomes, heavy weightlifting is also an incredibly empowering sport.

Know that there is no substitute for hard work and consistency.  You should be training at least 3 times per week for a minimum on 12 consistent weeks to see any sustainable results.  And in order to maintain and continue to see results, you need to keep working. 

Over time, your results will become your status.  Because the proof is always in the pudding.  And those who know, will know; these results can’t be faked.

Our weightlifting routines care only for results; if you’re looking for quick and easy - it’s not here.

Weightlifting routines for women who want to fast track results

We can’t promise fast, but the reason we lift heavy is because it is the fastest way to build muscle (“tone”) and strength.

Light weights and bands, - which are typically used in "women’s workouts", - have their place; but they don't build muscle and strength. 

The bread and butter of your workout should always be your key compound moves, backed up by a range of targeted lifts.  This will ensure you achieve maximum results in the time you have.


Key compound exercises

These lifts are the primary powerlifting lifts; squat, deadlift, bench press.  They are your fastest overall strength builders.  Master these moves as a priority.  And load them as soon as is safely possible for you. 

It is not unreasonable to dedicate an entire workout to mastering a single move.  In fact; that is time well spent.

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Other exercises

Everything else in a weightlifting routine is worked in around the three key compound moves above.

Which exercises you do, how you perform them and where you place them in your routine depends entirely on your desired outcome.

It would be impossible for anybody to offer a single weightlifting routine for women.  So I’m not going to.

Instead, I am going to offer you a selection of weightlifting workouts.

Your (free) weightlifting workouts

These plans are only as good as the effort you put in.  So if you’re ready to apply yourself, you can find out what’s on offer below…

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