Biceps are for ladies too, so if you want to build yours keep reading.  Not only do you have a bicep workout in this post, you’re also going to learn the secret to growing your biceps faster.

Ok, so it’s not such a big secret around here anymore, but it’s something we really want to press home for women everywhere.  

Lift heavy.

How heavy?

As heavy as you can safely manage.


Because it is the only way to build lean muscle.

And if you want to keep growing, you should always strive to lift heavier.

As a rule of thumb; fewer reps of heavier loads build muscle faster.

To be clear; this doesn’t mean you should heavily load every single workout.  In fact, we strongly recommend that you don’t do that.  You should allow your muscles at least 3 days recovery between heavy lifting sessions.  This is why we rotate muscle groups, see; the importance of muscle group rotation.

Furthermore; we also encourage periods of lifting lighter loads for higher reps as this will support well rounded results longer term. 

Here is your bicep workout

This bicep workout can be used as you wish, however we suggest pairing it with a chest workout.

For best results you should perform 4 sets of 8 reps of each exercise.  The weight you use should be one that you start to struggle with around the 6th rep.

Barbell bicep curl

One of the most appealing things about the barbell bicep curl, is that it will allow you to move more overall weight while isolating your biceps.  This is because generally speaking, most people will be able to perform heavier curls with a barbell than they would with a set of dumbbells.

Learn more about the barbell bicep curl here.

E-Z bar preacher curl

E-Z bar preacher curls are performed using and E-Z bar in the curl rack.  The E-Z bar is the zig zag shaped bar usually found hanging around the curl rack.  Many find the E-Z bar easier to curl as it puts the wrists and forearms in a more natural position.

Learn more about the E-Z bar preacher curl here.

Hammer curl

Hammer curls are similar to standard dumbbell curls, except that they recruit more of your forearm.

While ‘well-built’ forearms may not be on the top of your agenda, you should know that strong forearms contribute substantially to your overall upper body strength and grip.  For that reason, they should not be neglected. 

Learn more about the hammer curl here.

Concentration curl

Concentration curls are the ideal move for anyone looking to build bigger biceps, especially at the ‘peak’ of the bicep.

Unlike any other curl variation; the concentration curl locks in on the muscle, making sure that all of your energy in that moment if focused on growing your bicep.

Learn more about concentration curls here.

Bicep workout for women conclusion

Remember that building muscle takes time and consistent effort.  The above bicep workout is good for at least 8 week and at most 12 weeks.  After that you should consider either switching up the rep/set ranges, or introducing new exercises altogether.