I love doing these types of posts, they’re really good fun to put together and who doesn’t enjoy a good giggle!

So here are some bitchy ‘insults’ which I have found amusing over the years. 

Feel free to comment with yours, I’d love to hear them!

“Your bum/thighs are big” – That’s great, I’m glad you noticed, thank you.  My squat game is on point.

“Are you really going to eat that much food” – Yes, I’m hungry and as far as I am aware eating is the only way to relieve hunger.

“Do you need to eat a whole pizza” – Yes I do, pizza is life.

“I could never eat a whole pizza to myself” – Dude, that’s just weak.

“I don’t like muscles on women” – Did you just say I have muscles?  Thanks!

“No man wants a woman that’s stronger than him” – Did you just say I was strong?  Aww thanks, I feel awful, I didn’t get you anything.

“Women should be curvy” – I’m pleased you think it’s acceptable to judge me on my appearance. 

“It’s not very ladylike” – Neither is your moustache, but let’s not talk about that.

“So are you going to get all boring now and obsess over the gym” – Probably, at least I’ll look good, feel good and probably live longer.

“If I started training I would just want to tone”*Tumbleweed*

“Don’t get too big, you’ll look like a man” – Great, thanks for that advice, I’ll be sure to look out for my protruding penis.

“You need to get yourself a man” – Well according to you I’m going to turn into one, so aren't we all in for a treat!