More women than ever are reaching out to Lipstick Lifters for tips on building lean muscle.  In a bid to help as many of you as possible, we put together two 6 week bodybuilding workout plans for women.  - A beginner’s pack and an intermediate pack.

To be clear, it is nowhere near possible to achieve bodybuilder status in 6 weeks.  The purpose of these packs is simply to offer you some direction in the world of bodybuilding. 

What you need to know about our bodybuilding workout plans

First of all, lose any concerns you may have of getting ‘too big’ and ignore anyone who tries to tell you that you will. 

Building lean muscle is hard work, nobody is getting ‘big’ by accident.  The aesthetics of a pro bodybuilder is not stumbled across – it takes years of consistent and strategic effort.

So relax, our bodybuilding workout plans for women are here to help you build lean muscle in the most efficient way possible.  The beginners plan will introduce you to bodybuilding.  And the intermediate plan uses a more advanced technique to help you further progress your physique.

See more information about each plan below…

Our beginner’s bodybuilding workout plan

This is an introduction to bodybuilding, however it must be noted that while it is a beginners plan; it will best serve those who have some weightlifting experience.

If you have never lifted weights before, we recommend that you start with this introduction to weightlifting for beginners instead.

Our beginner’s bodybuilding workout plan uses a combination of compound and isolation exercises.  And it offers a straight forward introduction to muscle group rotation.  

These are the absolute basics in bodybuilding, so with this plan you can expect to build a solid foundation which you can move forward on.

Get your introduction to bodybuilding for beginners here >>>

Our intermediate bodybuilding workout plan

It should be noted that progression in bodybuilding is about using a range of strategic muscle building techniques.  For the most part the lifts are the same.  It is rep/set ranges as well as how/when each exercise is performed that makes all the difference. 

Our intermediate bodybuilding workout plan naturally combines both compound and isolation exercises.  However in this plan we introduce you to the dropset method; for maximum hypertrophy.

Get your bodybuilding plan for intermediate bodybuilders here >>>

The tip of the iceberg

There is a lot more to bodybuilding than meets the eye.  If you are serious about moving forward in this sport, you are encouraged to take the time to learn the fundamentals.

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