While you may have been unaware until now that breast lifting exercises exist, you should know that with the right workout plan, you absolutely can give yourself a natural breast lift.

It is worth noting however that there isn't much you will be able to do with your breast tissue.  But before you hit the back button, you should know that there is a whole lot you can do with the pectoral muscles that sit behind your breast tissue.

Start with an open mind and you'll learn exactly how you can achieve a natural breast lift with our breast lifting exercises.

How breast lifting exercises work

First of all, to be clear, you will never achieve 'bigger' boobs with these exercises.  Also you will not be able to reshape your boobs.  What you can do however, is enhance what you have.  So think of this as a natural breast enhancement. 

Not to confuse you, but you should be aware that the exercise itself is only part of the equation.  I'm telling you this because I want you to know that your natural breast lift also comes from the exercise technique you use. 

Also be aware that this isn't going to be a 'quick fix'.  You shouldn't expect to see changes after just a few workouts.  The reality is, you're going to need to apply yourself consistently for at least 12 weeks before you start to see the real changes. 

How the natural breast lift is achieved

Look at it this way; have you ever seen a guy with great pecks?  It's fairly obvious to see that does a lot of chest exercises to achieve this. 

Next time you see pecks, pay attention (discretely) to how they stick out from his chest above all else.  That's our essence.  It is precisely this approach that is used in our breast lifting exercises.  While the guys call this chest day.  Here at Lipstick Lifters, we like to call it 'boob' day. 

Furthermore, we have a whole training category dedicated to training boobs & biceps.

What exercises you need to do

Ultimately you'll need to focus on chest exercises. There are a number of different exercises you can do to work your pectorals.  See some examples below:

Know that with weightlifting you truly have the power to sculpt your body. And when sculpting your body, it is best to make the correlation between the exercise you are doing, the muscle you are working and the outcome you are expecting.

In order to move forward, take a look at your own chest and see which parts you want to focus on. 

Keep reading because below you'll learn the technique used to target the upper, mid and lower parts of your breasts. 

Your journey to a natural breast lift


It is worth noting that most of the exercises used to give you a natural breast lift can be worked in a number of different ways. 

What that means is; you don't just have the option to play around with the weight you're using.  You also have the option to vary your reps and sets as well as the position in which you perform the exercise.

Adding weight to your breast lifting exercises

Do this first because it is the simplest way to boost your breast lifting potential.  Your muscles will grow at a faster rate when they are consistently challenged.

As a rule of thumb, you should start to struggle around the 8th rep of a 10 rep set.  If you're not struggling towards the end, you must go heavier.  

Reps and sets

Rep and set execution plays a large part in your muscle growth potential.  There are a number of different methods that you can use.  But it is best to familarise yourself with these over time.  

Beginners should start with a basic 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. 

As you progress, you may want to check out the more advanced techniques used in our workout plan portal to support rapid muscle growth. 

Exercise position

Most chest exercises can be worked on a flat bench, an incline bench and a decline bench. 

Each bench position serves a purpose, and for well rounded results you should familarise yourself with all of these. 

Flat bench

The flat bench is the most common and is used to target the mid and lower part of your chest. 

Incline bench

The incline bench targets the upper part of your chest. 

This is ideal if you want your natural breast lift to offer you additional padding at the top of your breasts.

Decline bench

The decline bench will target the lower part of your chest. 

This breast lifting exercise will help you fill out the lower part of your breasts and depending on size, you may find that this is where you can achieve a natural breast lift. 

A final note about using breast lifting exercises

Note that building muscle takes consistent effort and patience, if you’re not willing to apply both of those things then you’re unlikely to achieve the natural breast lift you want. 

With that said, if you are willing to apply yourself, and you truly give it your all.  You will not regret it!