Women build bums like men build biceps.  It requires consistent effort, but once it pops, it will be your badge of honour.  So if you’re looking to make yours pop, this list of butt lifting exercises is for you.

As you go through these exercises; keep in mind that heavier loads with fewer reps promotes faster muscle growth.  So if you want to speed up the butt lifting; work with as much weight as you can safely manage 3-6 clean reps of.

With that said, you shouldn’t heavily load every single workout.  You must allow your glutes sufficient recovery time between workouts in order for them to grow.  Allow each muscle group at least 3 days rest before heavily loading again.

Here are your butt lifting exercises

Barbell back squat

Squats are by far one of the best butt lifting exercises, mostly because with a squat - particularly this type of squat - (the barbell back squat) – your loading potential is unlimited.  And the more you load, the more you build.

Learn more about the barbell back squat here.

Hip thrusts

As far as isolation exercises go, the hip thrust is an excellent butt lifting workout that can easily be loaded for extra gains.

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Single leg Romanian deadlift

The single leg Romanian deadlift is not just a great butt lifting exercise, it also works your entire posterior chain.  So it’s well worth adding to your routine.

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Dumbbell sumo squat

Dumbbell sumo squats are a great way to place additional emphasis on your glutes, quads and hamstrings as you squat.

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Glute bridge

The glute bridge is an easy to perform butt lifting exercise.  It can easily be loaded with a barbell across the hips.

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Single leg glute bridge

The single leg glute bridge is a variation of the standard glute bridge.  Except in this instance, you are driving your weight through a single glute, rather than both at the same time.  This is a great way to add some extra resistance to the muscle so that it can grow faster.

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Standing crab walks

Standing crab walks are a great addition to your glute workout.  And the best part is, you can do them anywhere.

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Cable kickback

Many women will be familiar with kickbacks, however it should be noted here and now that the cable kickback is a far superior glute isolation exercise.

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Elevated hip thrust

The elevated hip thrust is a hip thrust performed with your feet elevated on either a step or a bench.  This is an excellent glute builder, so why not add the elevated hip thrust to your routine today.

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Weighted step ups

Weighted step ups are a great way to build strength and explosive power in your lower body.  They are easily loaded for extra butt lifting potential.

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Butt lifting exercises concluded

While you may be tempted to go all in on your butt lifting exercises, you should keep in mind that you must work on other muscle groups for both balance and supporting your glute strength.

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