Quality gym workouts for women who want to change their physique and/or build their physical strength can be difficult to come by.

But that ends here; because I’ve got some awesome workouts for you to use. – All free – no strings attached.

But before you dive in, I’d like to highlight the benefits of a gym workout, and more specifically, explain who our free plans are most suitable for.

Gym workouts vs at home workouts

Firstly I want to make clear that none of our workouts can be performed at home.  So if you don't have access to a gym, these plans will not work for you.

At home workouts get a lot of public attention, because they appear easy and convenient.  The trouble is, they rarely reap sustainable rewards. 

Put bluntly; workouts at home may sound appealing, but without a gym, you will limit your growth potential.  Unless of course, you have a fully equipped gym in your home.  But let’s face it; most people don’t.

The reason you need a gym is because there is only so far you can come with body weight alone.  Even if you do add a few dumbbells and bands, you’re still limiting yourself. 

The fact is, you need the heavy weights and equipment that the gym has to offer.  Without that, our gym workouts will be of no use to you.

The main purpose of a gym workout

Besides the simple fact that you want to train in a gym, there are two main reasons you would need a gym workout:

  1. Your goal is to change your physique
  2. You want to build your physical strength

Neither of the above can be achieved without moving some heavy (for you) weights.

And that is why you need access to a well-equipped gym and a selection of quality gym workouts.


What is a quality gym workout?

This is important, because showing up is only half of the story.  What you do when you’re there is crucial to your end game. 

I’m telling you this because I see it all too often: 

*Woman walks into the gym*

*Heads straight for leg curl, adductor, chest press… [insert any other assisted machine]*

This is the biggest mistake I see amongst women in the gym and here’s why:

When it comes to building strength and/or a physique; exercise order matters.  In fact, regardless of your goals; what I’m about to share with you just makes good sense…

Always start your gym workout with the exercise that expends the most energy and moves the most weight.  - After a warm up of course.

From there, you should work your way down through a selection of free weights, assisted machines and cables.

The reason for this is because you want to move as much weight as possible while you have the strength and power behind you at the start of your workout. 

Then as your muscles start to fatigue, you can still make gains by using the assisted machines in your favour.

And that is (in a nutshell) how you make the absolute most out of the time you have in the gym.

Building your physical strength and/or changing your physique

While we do have a selection of fat blaster workouts, the primary focus of our gym workouts is to build physical strength and physiques. 

Because when all is said and done, fat loss boils down to your diet.  See our macro calculator if you’re unsure about how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis.  And if you truly want to get shredded, the best way to do that without a dedicated coach is to adopt the bodybuilder’s diet.

Finally, if you’re here for the free gym workout plans, hit the button below…

Not only do you get free workouts; I’m also going to share other bonuses and crucial pieces of information to help you build your gym independence.

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