More and more trainers are moving their business online, but how does online training compare to face to face training?  In this article we want to explore the pros and cons of an online personal trainer.  The objective is to help you decide if you want to go ahead with online training, or if you should do something else.

First, let’s consider the obvious question…

Isn’t a face to face trainer better?

Well, one of the major benefits of face to face training is that you have somebody with you throughout the duration of the training session.  This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

Firstly, you have somebody on hand to monitor and correct your form.  This is extremely important for new lifters.  Not so much for experienced lifters.  Though priceless if you intend to go pro.

Another benefit of training face to face is that you have an experienced spotter to hand.  Asking for a spot in the gym is no big deal, but your own trainer will know you far better than a stranger.  As a result, you’re more likely to be pushed to your limits.

A face to face trainer can also help you progress certain moves faster, and not just your squat, deadlift and bench.  Things like press ups and pull ups are easier to progress with a trainer by your side.  Because they can offer hands on assistance until you build the strength to go it alone.

Now, that’s not to say that an online personal trainer can’t progress you.  Online trainers have their place, so let’s look at how an online personal trainer can help you.

Benefits of an online personal trainer

An online personal trainer is an excellent guide and accountability partner.  They can write tailored workout plans, record and monitor your measurements as well as track your progress visually with either photos or video calling.  These are all great ways to ensure you stay motivated.

If you are an experienced weightlifter seeking guidance to up your game, a (good) online personal trainer is worth their weight in gold. 

For the beginner/inexperienced lifter; it requires a lot of self-development and feeling around the unknown.  But it can be done.    While an online personal trainer can do all of the above with you, what they can’t do is the direct and hands on stuff outlined at the beginning of this article.  If you think you have the confidence to handle this alone, then there’s no reason you can’t make online training work.

With that in mind, what is the cost of an online personal trainer and how does it compare to face to face training?

How much does online training cost?

Generally speaking, an online personal trainer can be more cost effective than a face to face trainer.  However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the two services are not the same. 

Without a doubt, face to face is best.

Face to face training will generally cost $60-$120 (£50-£95) per one hour session.  If you are having 2 training sessions a week, that can set you back $480-$960 (£400-£760) a month.

Not everybody has that kind of money to spare.

For that reason, an online personal trainer becomes appealing.

Based on some recent research, (conducted in April 2020); the average monthly cost of online training is $215 (£172).  So that’s a considerable difference.

*Average cost is based on 10 different service providers between the UK and the US.  We did not compare granular details of services offered, those in the higher price brackets appeared to offer additional services such as diet and nutrition plans.

*Note that the above is based on general personal training.  Not specialist competition coaching – these advanced packages will generally cost more.

An alternative to using a personal trainer

An online personal trainer may be more cost effective than a face to face trainer, however it is still an expense that some simply don’t have the disposable income to cover.  If this rings true for you, don’t worry, you always have options.

By far the best thing you can do is teach yourself how to do this independently.  Sure it takes time, and sure there will be periods of uncertainty as you enter into a phase of trial and error.

Here’s the big secret that most trainers don’t want you to know; they too have no idea how your body is going to respond to their method.

The benefit of a trainer is that they will notice things faster and be able to make more informed changes.

But with some patience, a learning curve and a willingness to try, you can achieve great results by yourself.

That is exactly what we aim to do for you.  We want you to find your independence in weightlifting, because it will serve you for a lifetime.

So let Lipstick Lifters support you…

You can use our workout plans for the fraction of the cost of an online personal trainer (our plans are written by our expert trainers specifically for ladies who lift), and you can tap into our expert team to guide you as and when you need it.

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