There is no denying the recurring enquiries Lipstick Lifters receives about fat loss.  And while our primary objective has and always will be the weight on the bar; we simply cannot ignore this demand from our audience.  So here we are, about to reveal the not so big secret that is low impact cardio, aka ‘low intensity cardio’.

What is low impact cardio?

Low impact cardio is a walk in the park – literally!

And it’s not just walking, it’s any physical exercise you can do at a casual pace for an extended period of time.  This could include (but isn’t limited to):

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Elliptical
  • Cleaning (using whole body such as windows/floor)
  • Gardening (such as weeding/landscaping)

By our own definition; low impact cardio is exercise you do at a casual pace for at least one uninterrupted hour. 

We also suggest that you do this daily during your fat burning/cutting phase.

How does it help with fat loss?

Well, ultimately fat loss boils down to your diet.  Low impact cardio is just an added boost to help speed up the process. 

So before you embark on your fat burn using low impact cardio, we strongly suggest that you address your diet either before, or during this process.

Above all else you should remember that you absolutely cannot out train a bad diet – trust us – we’ve tried – and failed!

Put simply; low impact cardio burns fat at a steady state.  When you combine this with a well-balanced diet – designed to release energy steadily throughout the day; the result is sustainable fat loss.

How low impact cardio fits in with weight training

As mentioned at the beginning of this article; our primary objective is to help women build muscle and strength.  And generally speaking; excessive cardio is widely known to result in muscle wastage.

So how does low impact cardio work with weightlifters?  

In short; we’re not doing it consistently for extended periods – we’re doing it in cycles.  See: Bulking and Cutting For Women

Moreover; we’re not combining it with impatience and an unnecessarily heavy reduction in caloric intake.  Both of which are a recipe for disaster (aka; muscle wastage).

Why fast and fat burning don’t work

The problem is; people want to burn fat in a hurry.  But when you do that; you’re unintentionally sabotaging yourself.  Because you end up depleting your lean muscle mass as well as your energy and enthusiasm. 

If any of those ‘fast fat burning’ methods worked, we wouldn’t have so many people searching the internet trying to figure out how to burn their fat.

Here’s what the majority of people haven’t tried: 

The long, slow, sometimes dull, seemingly unrewarding and extremely hard road that requires consistent effort and patience. 

But the reality is; this is the only road to sustainable success.

Building muscle takes consistent effort and patience. – So does burning fat.

So our message to you is; play the slow game and play to win.

Don't ignore your diet

Lipstick Lifters doesn’t give diet advice, nor do we offer any meal plans for you to follow. 

With that said, we do recommend two proven methods:

  1. The macro diet – See: Macros Explained

  2. Eating only home cooked meals made from scratch using whole ingredients.

We suggest you eliminate all processed and/or pre-packaged foods.  Cook with only whole and raw ingredients such as; lean meats, fish, beans/pulses, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and whole fat dairy products.

As a rule of thumb; balance each meal with a protein, a carb, a fat and a vegetable.

Here is an excellent guide to cooking at home.

Low impact cardio concluded

The bottom line is; you don’t need fancy or complex workouts in order to burn fat.  All you really need is a well thought out diet and some low impact cardio.

It really is that simple.