Of all the weightlifting sports, I have to admit that powerlifting is my favourite.  So when I asked our expert trainers to help me put together these 6 week powerlifting workout plans for women, I was keen to get involved and see what they would recommend.

I was not disappointed!

The beginners pack is an excellent introduction to powerlifting.  I wish I had something like it when I first started out.  It would have saved me a lot of fumbling around the gym.

Although this is a beginner’s pack – I wouldn’t recommend it for a weightlifting beginner. 

What I mean is; if you’ve never lifted anything before, this isn’t the pack for you.  I would suggest checking out this introduction to weightlifting for beginners.

If you have some weightlifting experience and you want to start focusing on strength & power then our powerlifting workout plan for beginners is a great place to start.

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An intermediate powerlifting workout plan for women

For the more experienced powerlifter; our intermediate pack is ideal to help you get stronger.  It uses a strategic approach to gradually increasing your load on each lift.  While also working in a combination of accessory exercises to support your overall strength & power.

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Things to note about our powerlifting workout plans

Firstly, they come with a money back guarantee.  That is how confident we are that you will see results in 6 weeks.

Each pack contains a 6 week plan which you should follow exactly as written.  We’re not being bossy, it’s just that our trainers know how to get the best results.  That’s all we want for you.

You also have dedicated support if you need it.  If there’s anything you need help with, just ask.  I, or one of our trainers are on hand and willing to support in in making the most of your 6 week powerlifting workout plan.

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