A strength training program for women who want to be strong:  All of our workout plans for women are designed to build physical strength and muscle.  Combined with a quality diet, you can also sculpt your desired physique with these workout plans.

When it comes to traditional women’s fitness; the industry rarely encourages heavy lifting.  Its better now than it once was, but needless to say; old habits die hard.  So if you take only one thing away from this article, let it be this:  The only way to build muscle and strength is to lift heavy.

The age old issue with women’s workouts is that they tend to focus on cardio.  Now to be clear; cardio is by far the best fat burner, however; used excessively, it is also a muscle killer.  So when you see a workout built around cardiovascular exercises, you will immediately know that it is not a viable strength training program.

Another thing worth noting is this:  No amount of fat burning will reveal a physique you haven’t built.  So you can diet and exercise all you like, but if you want the infamous “tone” aka muscle; you need to bulk first and then cut.

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How to spot a good strength training program

The fastest and easiest way to spot a good strength training program is to look for key compound moves.  These being; squat, deadlift and bench press.

Beyond the above, you should look out for other compound exercises.

A quality strength training program will be built around compound exercises.  Any strength plan that starts with isolation exercises or cardio based exercises should be missed.  Unless you have a valid reason to train that way.  For example; a debilitating health condition, or injury rehab/recovery.

The only other exception would be if you are an absolute beginner with limited physical strength.  In this instance, you should start light and assisted.  But it should always be your intention to progress to a full strength training program that uses compound exercises and heavy (for you) weights.

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Where to get a good program

Naturally I recommend our very own first, because our workout plans have been designed by heavy lifting females, specifically for heavy lifting females. 

While the exercises are not dissimilar to those that would make up a man’s strength training program, we understand that as a woman your goals are not necessarily the same.

Over the years we have tested and researched multiple training categories and methods.  As a result, we know from our own data that; legs, bum & thighs, boobs & biceps, tone & sculpt and strength & power are our most downloaded workout plans across the world. 

We continue to research and deliver what women want on a monthly basis.

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Beyond our own, I would recommend bodybuilding.com and muscleandstrength.com.  Both have an excellent selection of workout plans.  If you don’t want to use ours; use theirs.  However, keep in mind that their core audience will mostly be male, so naturally those are the goals they will predominantly cater for.