It is no secret around here that we take the fundamentals of weightlifting and we load exercises to fast track your results.  So allow us to cut through the noise and offer you 6 of our most powerful triceps exercises; to help you get stronger.

The fact is; there really is no need to further complicate this.  Women’s fitness in general is notoriously bad for over complicating the fundamentals of ‘toning’.  Probably because they refuse to call it what it actually is; muscle growth.

So hello and welcome to your BS free zone; the place where women come to finally get strong, build muscle and burn fat.

Now let’s get to it…

6 of the best triceps exercises to add to your routine

1. Close grip bench press

The bench press itself is a power move, so we’re going to start with this variation which turns it into a power triceps move.

This move is powerful simply because it is performed on the bench press.  That means there is no end to your ability to load this move.

Start with the bar alone (a lighter fixed barbell if 45lbs/20kg’s is too heavy).  However, you should aim to work your way up to the bench.

If you’re thinking; ‘but the bench press is a chest exercise’, you’re absolutely right.  But when you grip the bar with a close grip, you shift more of that weight onto your triceps.  As a result; you now have a triceps exercise that you can continue to load for ongoing results.

2. Skull crusher

Next, the skull crusher; this is similar to the more commonly known triceps extension. 

These can be done lying flat on a bench, or standing.  The bench version will support better isolation and arguably faster results.

3. Triceps dips

And now probably the most common triceps exercise; triceps dips

Now, true to Lipstick Lifters form; we’re going to encourage you make these more difficult by adding extra weight for bonus gains.  See details for loading this move after this short demonstration video from livestrong.

How you load will depend on your level.  See a brief summary for each level below:

Beginner – Start by simply dipping on a bench with bended knees and feet placed firmly on the ground.

Intermediate – To advance this move; dip on a bench with fully extended legs and your weight balanced on your heels only.

Advanced – And to further advance; perform the exercise as above, but this time with a weight plate resting on your lap.

Pro – Finally, to go pro you can prop your feet up on a second bench, and dip between the two.  Add a weight plate on your lap for bonus gains.

4. Triceps rope pulldown

Moving onto another excellent triceps exercise that can easily be loaded. 

The triceps rope pulldown is performed on a cable station with a rope attachment.

In short; you just take the rope ends and simply pull down as demonstrated in the video below:

5. Dumbbell shoulder press

This next exercise is technically a shoulder exercise; but with that said, you should know that the dumbbell shoulder press can and absolutely should also be used as a triceps exercise.

6. Single arm tricep pulldown

Finally, we have another triceps exercise to perform at the cable station.  To perform this exercise; simply grip the cable and pull the weight down, close to your body, in a clean and controlled manner.

And again, it is easily loaded for continued gains.

Triceps exercises conclusion

Remember that in order to get the most out of any exercise, you should perform quality reps.  That means moving the weight through the entire range of motion in a clean and controlled manner.

You must be sure to add enough weight to the exercise in order to make the most efficient gains.

As a rule of thumb, you should be physically struggling to squeeze out those last 2 reps of a 10 rep set.  If you can perform 10 sets with ease you should go heavier. 

And finally, to reiterate:  Add weight, not reps, for the fastest results.