I would have a lot less beef with the women’s fitness industry if it prioritised women’s workouts that got results over what looks good and gets attention.

The sad reality behind it all is not only the promotion of ineffective exercises, it is also the fact that most of their methods actually result in muscle wastage. 

Imagine busting your ass to lose weight only to find a squidgy mess underneath?  This is the reality that many women today are dealing with.  On top of that, we have the body positivity movement telling us that it’s ok; it’s all ok, because we should love ourselves as we are.

While I stand by that last sentence wholeheartedly.  I also know that when it was me who found herself disappointed with the results that relentless cardio, ineffective exercises and crash diets led to; I wanted nothing more than to go back and get the results I actually set out to achieve. 

Putting weight back on knowing I would have to lose it all over again was potentially the best move I ever made.  In fact, I was so pleased with the results; I did it again, and again, and again. 

What is this sick twisted fetish I speak of; I hear you ask?

This is a proven method, one that works and it is promoted in men’s fitness every damn day, but the women’s fitness industry are too busy fluffing around their own flakiness, making you feel bad for not getting the results that the methods they sold you don’t get anyway.

It should be noted that women are right on 99% of things, but on this, they are wrong.

Redefining women’s workouts

The vast majority of women would never allow themselves to be told that they are intellectually inferior to a man, so how have we made it all the way to 2019 to still be sold the idea that we are physically inferior?

Shut the front door because it’s about to go down…

If you want to know why you’re not getting the physique that you desire at the end of your fitness journey, it’s because you’re doing it wrong.   You’re following poorly constructed women’s workouts and fad diet methods that fail to deliver long term results.

You can lose all the ‘weight’ you want, but know that no amount of weight loss will reveal a physique you haven’t built.  The clue is in the title; you need to actually ‘build’ it.

This is the part that the boys have nailed and that is why they have more lean muscle than women do, not because they are men, but because they focus their workouts on muscle building exercises.

The above fact is easily proven in the hundreds of thousands of men who don’t have a lot of lean muscle.  It’s not gender specific genetics, its effort.

But you don’t want to get ‘big’

I just can’t anymore with this.  

What an insult it is to the weightlifting community that anyone could speak as though it doesn’t take dedicated, consistent and long term effort.

This lame excuse manifests two whole cows worth of beef between me and the women’s fitness industry.   If this is what you’re worried about, I encourage you to go and spend 6 solid weeks lifting heavy, then come back and tell me how easy it is to get ‘big’.

The fact is; you won’t get ‘big’ unless you intend to, and even then, it won’t be easy!

The benefits of building lean muscle

Besides the obvious firmer and more defined physical appearance, building lean muscle also contributes to a faster and more efficient metabolism.  Lean muscle needs feeding in order to grow and repair.  What that means is; you don’t have to live off salads for the rest of your life.

I hope that by now you can see how traditional women’s workouts not only fail to build the muscle in the first place, but how the industry also encourages diets that sabotage any lean muscle you do have.

Women’s workouts you can trust

If you’re tired of being confused and exploited, you are encouraged to take a leap of faith into the method that I described at the beginning of this article.  This is the method of bulking and cutting; see: Bulking and Cutting for Women.

By switching your focus to physical strength and muscle growth, you allow yourself the opportunity to build the physique that you want, rather than settle for what you’ve been left with as a result of following failing methods.