one rep max calculator


Here you can calculate your strength using our one rep max calculator.

As a woman in weightlifting you are urged not to doubt your physical strength. Instead you are encouraged to put it to the test. Use this one rep max calculator to better understand your strength and how to maximise it in your workouts.

What is your one rep max?

Your one rep max is the maximum amount of weight that you can lift through one clean and controlled repetition.

When you know your one rep max you are able to make more informed decisions during your everyday workouts. Furthermore; this knowledge also has the power to push your physical boundaries far beyond any guess work and/or assumptions you have around how much weight you can physically manage.

Ultimately, your one rep max is used as a basis of understanding your training percentages and how to achieve maximum gain potential.

It should be noted that a one rep max calculator is most and best used to calculate your maximum weight on your big lifts. These being your; squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, snatch, jerk and such… Of course, each of the aforementioned exercises will have its own one rep max.

How does a one rep calculator work?

Your maximum load is estimated using the weight you know you can lift through so many repetitions.

There are a number of different methods (mathematical formulas) that can be applied to a one rep max calculator. With that being said; you are advised to use this and any other one rep max calculator as a guide and not a foregone conclusion.

For your information; our calculator uses the Epley formula.

In most cases; a one rep max calculator will return the most accurate results when a lower number of reps is reported. To put it another way; your results will be more accurate if you calculate using your 3 rep load as opposed to your 10 rep load.

Training percentages

While it may seem like a lot of unnecessary math, you should know that training percentages exist because they are proven to support a specific outcome.

Admittedly; if you’re in this for reasons other than ultimately maximising your strength, it could be argued that your one rep max and subsequent training percentages are neither here nor there. If however; you are all about power, speed and explosive strength, then knowing your training percentages will shift your workouts to a whole new level.

What percentage should you train at?

A well-built workout plan will see you training steadily through 50-100% over the course of weeks/months/years/forever. For the most part you should be working between 60-80%, topping and tailing that with the heavier and lighter loads according to your goals. As general rule for strength and power; 3 reps is considered optimal and training over 90% should be reserved for when you have a point to prove!

Calculate your one rep max

Use the calculator below to establish your one rep max, click the ‘Calculate’ button to reveal your training percentages.

Note that this calculator is intended for use by experienced weightlifters only, even then you are advised to test these numbers with caution.

Lastly and most importantly; It is best to put your one rep max to the test after a deload week. By deloading you will be well rested and ready to prove a true reflection of your physical strength.

For long term progression you are encouraged to track your lifts.