What's to know...

Rule number 1 in weightlifting: Your comfort zone will not serve you. Therefore; it is important to continue to add new exercises to your routine, as well as rotate your favourites so that your workouts continue to challenge you.

Exercises have been broken down by muscle group so that you can head straight to your desired target area and see what’s available.

If you want to use this database to build your own workout plans, we suggest that you choose a few exercises from 2-3 categories as a workout. And then a few others from the remaining categories as another workout for another day.

How to structure your exercises

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to working out, however there are most certainly more efficient ways of doing things.

When it comes to combining exercises to make a full workout plan, we have some pro tips for you:

Pro tip 1: Always start with the biggest compound move – this will be your squat, deadlift, bench press

Tip 2: Follow these up with any barbell free-weight moves.

Pro tip 3: Barbell exercises should be followed up by dumbbell exercises.

Tip 4: Any cable and body weight exercises should be placed at the end of your workout.

If you prefer something more structured you may want to check out our workout plans pages. There you will find 100+ full workout plans written by our team of expert trainers. All workout plans are strategically structured in order to achieve the most efficient results.Plans include both beginner and advanced training methods – so there’s something for everyone!

Finally, please note that this exercise database is by no means extensive, it is a work in progress. We will continue to add new exercises to each category as and when we can. You can subscribe below for updates.