sit up (plate loaded)

abs and core exercises

The sit up is another simple and common exercise to add to the end of your workout routine.

Sit ups are well known for isolating your abs. And in this instance, with the additional weight plate, you will further boost your ab growth as a result.

Also, as alluded to above, these are best performed towards the end of your workout as part of your finisher.

How to perform a sit up

Start by getting yourself a weight plate and hold it in both hands directly in front of your chest. Next, lay back onto the floor, keeping the plate close to your chest and a slight bend in your knees. This is your start position.

As you begin the exercise, keep your core tight and sit all the way up. Finally, slowly lower yourself back down to the floor to finish.

Go again for reps.

Sit up: Common mistakes to avoid

Ultimately you want to avoid using momentum since this tends to lead to sloppy sets. For best results, make sure you work this exercise through a full range of motion.

And last but not least, you should also keep the muscle you are working (abs in this instance), in mind throughout the exercise. Mind muscle connection will, without a doubt, help you to ensure targeted end results.

Reps and sets

As with all exercises, your sit ups should always be worked into your overall bigger picture. How many reps and sets you perform with each exercise depends entirely on where you are physically and your desired outcomes.

Beginners should keep it simple; 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps is an ideal starting point. Don’t overcomplicate things early on, worry about laying a solid foundation and the rest will come with experience.

More advanced lifters should consider their current strength and goals.