triceps rope pulldown

arm exercises

The triceps rope pulldown (also known as a ‘pushdown’) is an isolation exercise performed using cables.

How to perform triceps rope pulldowns

Start by fitting the rope attachment to the cable machine. Then, adjust the start position of the cable bringing it level with your face, or just above and then select your desired weight. (Note that a higher fixed pulley can also be used).

Pull the rope ends down to waist height, (bringing your elbows a 90 degree angle). This is your start position.

Next; slowly pull the ropes down and slightly out towards your outer thighs, finishing with your arms fully extended down by your sides.

Pause for a second, before finally releasing the ropes slowly back to start position. Go for reps.

Triceps rope pulldown: Common mistakes to avoid

Maintain good posture throughout the exercise. Sloppy form is never recommended and your triceps rope pulldowns are no exception. Incorrect form may recruit other muscle groups during the exercise, or poorly engage the intended muscle groups. Under those circumstances, you could hinder your gains, or worse still, hurt yourself.

Avoid using momentum and/or taking your upper body with the movement. Use only your elbows to move you through the exercise.

Remember your mind muscle connection. Keeping the muscle you intend to work in mind while you are performing the exercise is ideal for achieving targeted results.

Reps and sets

Your triceps rope pulldowns should be worked into your overall bigger picture. Most importantly, your reps and sets will depend entirely on where you are physically and of course your desired outcomes.

Beginners should start with 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. Getting started matters more in this instance. Avoid over complicating things unnecessarily, the rest will come with experience.

On the other hand, more advanced lifters should consider their current strength and goals first. From there; you can choose the appropriate rep/set range to work with.