single leg Romanian deadlift

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The single leg Romanian deadlift is not just a great glute exercise, it also works your entire posterior chain. For further reading see; Romanian Deadlift: Why You Shouldn’t Neglect This Power Move..

How to perform a single leg Romanian deadlift

Start by holding your desired weight (kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell, and so on…) with your feet shoulder width apart and a slight bend in your knees.

Lift one leg off the ground and brace your core. Keeping your back neutral and your weight bearing knee in its fixed position, lean forward hinging at the hips until your torso is parallel with the floor. Pause for a second and then bring your body back up to start position in the same controlled movement. Go for reps.

Single leg Romanian deadlift: Common mistakes to avoid

It is especially important that you maintain good posture throughout this exercise. While doing the exercise is far better than not doing it (in most cases), it should be noted that any type of deadlift performed with sloppy form could result in injury, which in turn could have you out for some time.

If you are performing this exercise with incorrect form, you certainly should not be loading. Go back to basics and perform the exercise correctly before you add weight.

Reps and sets

As with all exercises, your single leg Romanian deadlift needs to be worked into your overall bigger picture. How many reps and sets you perform with each exercise depends entirely on where you are physically and your desired outcomes.

Beginners should keep it simple; 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps is an ideal starting point. Don’t over complicate things early on, worry about laying a solid foundation and the rest will come with experience.

More advanced lifters should consider their current strength and goals, see our One Rep Max Calculator for further guidance.