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Love them or hate them, burpees are not only a full body workout. They are also a great quad builder and even an excellent fat burner.

How to perform a burpee

Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and hands down by your sides.

Next, lower your body into an almost squat position and reach your hands out onto the floor in front of you. Then, move your weight onto your hands and jump your feet back so that your legs are fully extended. Keep your core tight and back straight.

Finally, jump your feet back into your body and explode up into the air before coming back down through squat position for another rep.

Once you have mastered the move, focus on building speed through each rep.

Burpee: Common mistakes to avoid

Although this isn’t a squat, you should maintain the same standards when you squat down to begin this exercise. So keep your bum out and your chest high, make sure you have a solid foot position and that you reach out to the floor in a controlled manner.

When at the bottom, keep your core tight and avoid sagging or pushing forwards your hips.

Reps and sets

As with all exercises, your burpees should be worked into your overall bigger picture. How many reps and sets you perform with each exercise depends entirely on where you are physically and your desired outcomes.

As a rule of thumb, beginners should keep it simple; 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps is an ideal starting point. Don’t overcomplicate things early on, worry about laying a solid foundation and the rest will come with experience.

And finally, more advanced lifters should consider their current strength and goals.