Get straight to the point with these muscle growth workout plans…

Our muscle growth category is ideal for anybody who specifically wishes to build lean muscle at a faster rate.

Workout plans in this category are made up of both compound and isolation exercises, coupled with a training style which is ideal for building mass.

Each individual plan will focus on a different set of muscle groups. Refer to the specific plans anatomical illustration for muscles worked.

We recommend that you use this category as part of your bulking phase. We also suggest that you will get the best results if you work these plans while in a calorie surplus.

Why use these muscle growth workout plans

Muscle growth is absolutely necessary if you want to alter your physique. There literally is no other way to change, define or ‘tone’ your body without building muscle.

Our muscle growth workout plans are designed specifically for women. They are different because we know how to build workouts that lend themselves to your natural physical make up. Sure all women are different, we do not build muscle in the same way. But as a woman, you will most likely find that you are stronger in your lower body than you are in your upper body. We play this natural ability to your advantage to ensure that you get the fastest gains first.

But don’t worry – no muscle is ever left untouched – when you use our workout plans you have the ability to target muscles you didn’t even know you had!

What's the secret behind these muscle growth workouts?

There is no big secret, it is just a matter of good planning.

Every single muscle growth workout plan written takes exercise order, as well as rep/set ranges into consideration. For both beginner and advanced lifters.

Why is this so important?

Well for starters, any experienced weightlifter knows that for the most part, exercises are generally the same. It is in fact the execution of the workout, combined with the rep/set ranges for each exercise and of course the actual weight you are lifting, that achieves the best results.

But the good news is; all you have to worry about is the weight, because all of our muscle growth workout plans have taken everything else into account for you.

So you can workout in confidence knowing that these plans are structured in a way that is designed to ensure that you get the most efficient results. And for that reason; you are encouraged to follow the exercise order as delivered in the plan.

The only thing left to do now is choose your muscle growth workout and hit the gym!


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